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Mar 24

Patch It Up: The Ultimate Guide to Attaching Patches to Your Garments Have you ever wanted to add a personal touch to your favourite jacket, vest, or backpack? Perhaps you own a garment that’s been sitting around with a few rips and you're not sure how you can revive it? Fear not! We're going to show you how to sew on your patches, add some serious style to your wardrobe and even breathe life into your old favourites.


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Feb 23

Aftercare For Your Knitwear

Our knitwear garments are made of high-quality wool but as they’re made with natural fibres, they require special care. We’ve been tempted by instant gratification for too long and we need to remember that some things require love and attention... 


&SONS garment aftercare

Mar 22

The Ultimate Care Guide For Your Boots

Clean and well cared for boots should be a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. They're also a good way to level up your casual style. We bet that the majority of your footwear collection is either leather or suede and they're excellent choices.


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Sep 21

Non- washing instructions