Just bought a pair of &SONS raw denim jeans? Not that keen on washing clothes? You’re in the right place.

Don’t wash them. That’s right: don’t wash them – unless you feel you really have to.

Let your &SONS jeans become a part of you, shaping themselves to your body and your personality, taking on the form of the way you work and the way you move.

As you wear them in and wear them out your jeans take on the classic signs of creases and fades in all the right places. Over the months and over the years, they simply get better and better.

In fact, no two pairs of &SONS jeans are ever the same again. They’re yours and yours alone even when a partner decides to borrow them when you’re not looking.

Treat ‘em right

Your new &SONS jeans are made from raw selvedge denim and they’re unsanforised which means they haven’t been pre-washed or pre-shrunk.

Take care when selecting your jean size. If you do plan on washing your jeans they’re liable to tighten up so you might want to select a larger size than you usually take.

Here are some tips on caring for your jeans when you first get hold of them:

SOAK Plunge your jeans into a bathtub of luke-warm water. Not too hot or you could lose some of the indigo dye.

DRY - Hang your jeans indoors to dry naturally, pegging them up by the waistband till they’re just damp.

STRETCH - Put your jeans on while still damp. They might feel a bit tight but they’ll soon stretch to fit your shapely form.

REMOVE - Take your jeans off and hang them back up to dry naturally. You and your jeans are then all set to go.

WEAR - Get them on and get on with your life. Wear them all you want and watch your jeans evolve and take on your style.


OK if you really must…

So you have a stain that won’t come out with just a simple spot clean or you’ve carelessly spilt a can of tuna juice all over your jeans. It might be time to consider washing them.

If you feel you must wash your jeans you can put them in the washing machine but use a rinse cycle with cold water and minimum spin. And only use a very small amount of detergent.

Once washed, hang up your jeans to dry till just damp. Then put them on while they’re still damp so they take on the shape of your body again just like when you first bought them.

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