The Mid-west Mid Layer

The RYDER ranch jacket is a mid-layer, all-season addition to your wardrobe, so we thought we’d offer some ideas on how to style it out all year round.

Traditionally, the versatile Ranch jacket was worn by cowhands, usually with long sleeves and a shorter cut just past the hip for comfort. As most of us aren’t out in the mid-west, gathering herds of cattle, we thought we’d share some alternative style advice on our much-loved new release…

Match up the mid layer

The rich tan hues of the RYDER pair well with a cooler mix of colours, which makes the YARD a perfect shirt to wear beneath the jacket. Add a simple white tee beneath for an additional layer and a pop of white to break up the look.  



Get the look - Iconic style inspired by Bob Dylan on the cover of 'The Freewheelin’
Layers of the land 

These two pieces were meant to be. Embrace the Ranch Hand style and add some Buffalo Plaid into the mix. These two heavy-weight layers are the perfect winter mix.

Keep it simple

Wear the RYDER as an over-shirt, keep the base layer simple and add a punch of colour with our Red Pioneers Bandana and Brown Leather Toggle. Wear it open for a casual, pared-back look that is timeless and effortless. 

Iconic looks inspired by Bradley Cooper. Style tips from the set of 'A Star is Born'



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