A fabric for every occasion

Our Manual for Life series demonstrates how versatile every piece is from the &SONS collection. We will always produce garments that go hand-in-hand to create that trademark &SONS heritage look.


From Welsh farms to the great planes of America – a fabric made for every eventuality and occasion. There aren’t many fabrics that can do what a good flannel does. It’s warm, hardwearing and rugged, beautifully soft and undeniably comfortable at the same time. So, it really is the ideal winter companion. 

Here we show you how to style out our best-selling over-shirt with some other &SONS daily essentials…

The simple statement

Take our simple white Tee or Boxer V-Neck and wear the shirt either buttoned up or unfastened to break up the look. Our Lucky Sixpence chain is the ideal accessory and addition to this outfit. 

How the Yukon was intended

These two pieces were meant to be. Embrace the ranch hand style and add some Buffalo Plaid into the mix. These two heavy-weight layers are the perfect winter mix.

Understated Under-shirt

Embrace the heavy-duty flannel and add our YARD Chambray as a mid-layer making this outfit, ideal for an outdoor excursion. Layer down, once inside, to show off the chambray.

A bolt of blue

Our best-selling Blue Bolt lifts the red flannel and introduces another colour to the outfit. The two hues work brilliantly together providing two thick layers and lots of texture.


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