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From railroad workers at the turn of the Century to sheep farmers on hills of Yorkshire, the humble, rugged work boot has straddled utilitarian, heritage wear and high street fashion for decades. But as the momentum gathers for garments ‘made to last’ you don’t need to look any further than a handmade, British, leather boot to epitomise this revolution. The Hudson boot was showcased in our very first collection and allowed us to offer an entire outfit for the modern Pioneer – to dress them from ‘Cap to Boot’ as the saying went…

And during our search for the ultimate work boot, we stumbled upon a fourth-generation family company established in 1899 and based in the Peak District. This style of boot we wanted was originally made to provide the local quarrying and lead mining industries with rugged footwear that would survive some of the most severe conditions but mould and ‘break’ around the wearer’s feet. 


To this day, our bootmaker continues to use machines built decades ago and the techniques haven’t changed. From selecting the very best leather, with minimal defects, to using the finest British made soles, these boots encompass every aspect of traditional making.

In the very early days of &SONS, we took our production crew on a road trip up to the sleepy village of Stoney Middleton to document the process of making our boots.  For over 5 years, we have offered this traditional work boot to our customers but, like anything made well, using methods pre-dating modern manufacturing techniques, it takes time. So it was our duty to invest in our boots and we decided to commission our very first run of 100 pairs with some new design features and additions. 

1. A Longer 'boot pull'

2. Leather utility pocket

3. British Made Dainite sole

4. Genuine leather laces

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