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Woodcut Bandana Black

One of the most versatile pieces in any Pioneers wardrobe.


A statement of style through history

"A unique design and a perfect fabric - it looks great with my leather toggle."


Original &SONS 100% cotton bandana featuring our unique woodcut print of a father and his two sons.

Each bandana is screen printed so everyone is individual and unique. The perfect complement to the &SONS clothing range, our woodcut bandana can be worn tied loosely around the neck, as a headband – or as a face covering.

"A unique design and a perfect fabric - it looks great with my leather toggle."


  • For our design, we commissioned the very talented wood engraver Chris Daunt to produce a block depicting a father and his two sons walking into the distance.
  • 100% cotton
  • It’s a beautiful scene and synonymous with &SONS as our Founder, Phil James has two boys, Cooper and Jackson and this was the original inspiration for the name of the company.
  • 53cm x 53cm


The bandana has always been a statement of style, worn throughout history as both practical attire and a symbol of individuality. The origins stretch back over 100s of years, originating in India with the word itself suspected to come from the sanskrit word ‘badhnati’ which means ‘binds' or 'to tie’. Worn by the likes of sailors, seafarers, farmers, cowboys, bikers and miners, as well as a statement worn proudly by communities, institutions and gangs around the world.


Style Tip:The Bandana is a versatile accessory for any Pioneer. Wear it loose around the neck to keep you warm whilst out on your bike or simply roll, wrap and finish with a knot to wear it like a tie. Wear your bandana however you wish, just avoid the full 'pirate' head wrap approach.


Made in India


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