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Like your favourite car or watch, the better you take care of it the better it takes care of you. Slow fashion is a big part of what we do, we create garments that’ll be with you on every step of your journey, garments that are built to stand the test of time. As we believe that clothes should be worn in, worked in, loved and over the years get better with age and fade, be part of you and your identity.

Here’s what we advise when it comes to taking care and getting the best out of your &SONS clothes.

Try not to wash your clothing too frequently so they retain their shape, colour and fabric quality. 

Clothes that can be machine washed, we recommend washing at an eco friendly temperature 30°C along with similar-coloured clothing, as this is better for your clothes and the planet.

Quick trick - Reshape your garment while damp by holding it by the side seams and shaking, then simply dry flat by hanging to avoid the need for ironing.
If you do feel the need to iron - it’s best to do it while your clothes are slightly damp or by using your iron’s steam setting. 

Each fabric has different properties and care into how we treat them, so we’ve put a quick guideline to how to care for your timeless pieces, from your hardy Denims to your more delicate Wools… 


We recommend you don’t wash your denim, unless you have to... 

Wash denim in cold water only on a short, gentle cycle, only ever hang dry. Jeans could shrink by 5% on first wash. Due to this the denim should only ever be washed inside out in cold water and never machine dried.We would recommend not washing for at least 6 months. 

Just use water to get out a stain. If you need to freshen your jeans, put them in the freezer.  

Cotton / Polyester / Linen / Viscose

These materials can be machine washed at 30°C along with similar-coloured clothing.  Remember to hang your clothes away from direct sunlight to avoid the risk of exaggerated fading.

Please note: Viscose is a delicate fabric and can easily snag so please take care when wearing any jewellery with your viscose item. 

Wool blend / Knitted

Our wool blend clothing does not need to be washed frequently. We advise you to air your garment out between wears and wash only when you really need to. 

&SONS wool blend clothing is to be specialist dry cleaned only. 

Do not wash at home in a domestic machine as this can damage the garment.


Leather Boots

Clean and well cared for boots should be a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. They're also a good way to level up your casual style. We bet that the majority of your footwear collection is either leather or suede and they're excellent choices. 

Read the boot care guide here.


DWR coated fabrics 

Avoid washing the garment too frequently in order to preserve the water repellant coating.

Please wash separately on a delicate wash 

The garment can be treated after time to improve the water repellency by using a DWR re-proofing spray 


Wax coated fabrics 

Do not wash, do not dry clean, do not tumble-dry

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Brush off mud when dry and sponge the area with cold water

Avoid contact with alcohol-based products, fabric softeners and solvent cleaners

Never use soap or detergents

Regular re-proofing with a spray or solid wax bar will maintain the weatherproof properties of the fabric and prolong garment life


Sheepskin and Suede garments 


Please store in a clean, dry dark place preferable in a garment bag when not in use. 

Sheepskin is a natural product so will fade over time. In order to ensure the skin fades naturally, avoid exposure to sunlight or bright light for prolonged periods of time. 

Cleaning instructions:

Spot clean any stains; try to focus on a larger area to clean if possible to avoid water marks. 

To clean any marks or stains, buff the suede with a dry scouring pad or soft brush using long fluid strokes. 

When cleaning the wool side, use a comb or brush, not a scouring pad. 

Dry away from direct heat. 

Rain spots can be cleaned with a scouring pad (as above method).

If your sheep-skin coat gets soaked with rain, let it dry out throughly. It may become rigid. If this happens, the skin will need to be ‘broken’. You can do this by twisting and kneading the coat to re-open the fibres. Once this is done it can be re-brushed/scoured to revitalise the suede nap.