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&SONS Leather Twist Braid Bracelet Brown



"I'm thrilled with the quality.. beautifully made with real attention to detail."


Introducing the Leather Twist Bracelet- a fusion of contemporary style and timeless craftsmanship. This accessory embodies simplicity with a twist, designed to add something extra to your everyday look. Crafted from premium chrome-tanned leather, the brown hue exudes a warm and versatile appeal, making it a perfect complement to any outfit. 

With a total length of 21cm and a slim depth of 0.5cm, this bracelet strikes the ideal balance between subtlety and statement. The adjustable size ensures a customised fit for various wrist sizes, making it a versatile piece that caters to your comfort. 

Featuring a distinctive brass shackle clasp, the Leather Twist Bracelet not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures a secure closure. The brass hardware complements the brown leather, creating a harmonious blend of materials that exude durability and style. 

The chrome-tanned leather offers a smooth and refined texture, while the minimalistic design allows for effortless pairing with both casual and formal attire. Whether worn solo or stacked with other accessories, this bracelet is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. 

"I'm thrilled with the quality.. beautifully made with real attention to detail."


  • Brown 
  • Bracelet total length 21cm  
  • Bracelet depth 0.5cm 
  • Adjustable size  
  • Brass shackle clasp 
  • Chrome tanned leather  
  • Brass hardware 


This leather bracelet draws inspiration from a rich historical tapestry, paying homage to the tradition of leather bracelets worn by Greek soldiers as a protective element in their military uniform.  

Much like the revered leather bracelets of the Middle Ages adorned by knights and nobility, our bracelet is crafted for comfort and durability. This accessory is not only a nod to history but also a contemporary statement of enduring style and quality, embodying the essence of those who appreciate both adventure and tradition. 

Made in Britain


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