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Black Leather Braces

The epitome of heritage wear.


freedom, style & individuality.

"Timeless classic that I know
will last a lifetime"


Designed and crafted in the UK, the &SONS leather braces make a stylish addition to our New Frontier Denims.

Made from the finest leather, traditional brass fixings and adjusters, and complete with heavy elasticated straps. 

"Timeless classic that I know
will last a lifetime"


  • A mix of leather for the fixings
  • Heavy elasticated straps
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Built to last a lifetime


The origins of the bracers or suspenders as they're also known, go back as far as the 18th Century when ribbons would be tied to the buttonholes of trousers to prevent them from falling down.

In those days it was still seen a risque to have undergarment on show, a town in New York tried to enforce a law where men would have to cover up their braces with a jacket.

One of the earliest patents was in fact registered by the famous writer Mark Twain in 1871. In the late 1800s clips were introduced for ease and comfort.

Throughout the following decades, braces came in and out of fashion but have always been the choice for well-dressed guys and of course the skinheads in Britain around the 60s.

Today, bracers are seen as a sign of freedom, style and individuality.


Style Tip: Wear with our New Frontier denims, complete with braces buttons for that classic heritage look.


Made in the UK



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