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The EZ Range Launch

Hudson Heelies  

Add swiftness to your step with our new Hudson Heelies*. There’s no better way to get around town than these convenient, stylish boots. We designed them specifically with our busy pioneers in mind and guarantee that using these will improve your mood.  

*&SONS Trading Co. takes no responsibility for any injuries caused by the use of the Hudson Heelies. 

Toupée Truckers

Age gracefully with our Toupée Truckers and choose from 3 masculine hairstyles. After the success of our Original Grey Truckers, we decided to add a little pioneer flair.  

If you are follicly challenged or would prefer a simple change, select a luxurious blonde ponytail, classic brown mullet or rugged black curls to complete your style.  

Rear Frontier  

Our Frontier jeans pair well with cotton braces but accessing the toilet with ease was a problem, so we created our Rear Frontier-style to help combat this issue! With a fastenable patch on the backside, you can now access the lavatory without removing your braces... classic, simple and speedy.


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