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Mar 24

The Legendary B-3 Flight Jacket: A Timeless Legacy As with many military uniforms, they exude a practical and masculine energy. Pair that with timeless design and it’s no wonder that the flight jacket has attracted so many style-conscious figures throughout the years. The bomber jacket is a piece of style history that everyone wants their hands on.


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Oct 22

60th Anniversary of James Bond: How to Dress Like 007

Bond is known for his calm yet calculated demeanour and his immaculate style. We are huge fans of his wardrobe as he dresses as sharply as he shoots and is one of the most celebrated figures in men’s fashion. Whilst we can’t all share his charisma; we can take inspiration from his looks. 


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Jun 22

Pioneer Stories: Sean Brosnan

In our latest Pioneers article, we had photographer Sam Ciurdar sit down with Sean Brosnan, an actor turned psychotherapist. It was a chance to understand the root of his interesting career change and how he overcame personal struggles.

We wanted to hear about Sean's creative process, how he looks after his mental health and of course, what it was like growing up with a super famous father...


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Apr 22

How to Dress Like James Dean The confidence and effortless, stylish swagger from the bad-boy of the silver screen provide many lessons for those editing their wardrobes. His was a timeless way of dressing and one that you can easily replicate. Should you want to, here’s how to dress like the iconic James Dean.