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Manual For Life: Men's Summer Style

The &SONS pioneers will know that we take pride in our hardwearing, timeless looks. Our inspiration is taken from significant eras, where true style really shone and we’ve discovered some tricks along the way to keep your looks fresh and versatile.

This is our collection of key summer looks. The ones you can pull from your wardrobe in a hurry and know that you’ll look sharp and put together, no matter what...

Dress well by keeping it simple but significant

Rockabilly Renegade

Contrary to popular belief a lightweight jacket can help to keep you cooler in the summer as the layers actually trap the cool air and allow it to flow around you.

Our 50s inspired Harrington Jacket is the blast from the past that will inject a pop of colour into your look. From Presidents to Presley himself, the Harrington is a long-serving masterpiece of menswear and an instant classic. Pair with our new Cutter Jeans (coming soon) white vest and a club shirt and you’ll be a modern-day rockabilly renegade and the most stylish man about town.

Hazy Heritage

As the dog days of summer grow closer, the semi-formal heritage dresser can be in despair. The trick is to wear an upgraded T-shirt which is the easiest way to look good without adding lots of layers in the heat.

Choose any of our Henley’s and pair with a cotton waistcoat for an elevated but breathable style. To add some texture and warmth on a cool summer’s evening opt for our Cord Brandon's and throw on our Ecru Carver for an extra layer. And don’t forget the Virgil Boots.

Rugged Rocker

A study conducted in Spain found that fabrics with darker or more intense colours tended to have better UV radiation protection than lighter colours. Whilst we don’t suggest skipping the sunscreen, you can wear your favourite pieces whatever the season.

Pair our Rocker jeans with our breathable baseline shoes for a cool and comfortable step. On top, opt for bright colours for UV protection, choose from our Red or Yellow Club shirts and wear them unbuttoned if it’s hot enough! Don’t pass on accessories either, between allergies and sweat a hot summer's day can get messy.

A bandana is both stylish and practical, and if you're the chivalrous type, carry two: one for you and a second to offer your date.

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