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Metal Chain

The finishing touch to your layered outfit.


Clothes for Pioneers

"Simple, elegant craftsmanship and the finishing touch to my outfit"


The finishing touch to your layered outfit!

Our 18 inch gold metal chain attaches to the belt loop and can hang one of our &SONS wallets or your keys. It's all in the detail.

"Simple, elegant craftsmanship and the finishing touch to my outfit"


  • 18 inch gold metal chain with attachment


Vintage-inspired clothing for the modern-day Pioneer. Timeless garments designed by and for craftspeople, artisan makers and creative pioneers in their chosen fields of endeavour.It’s our mission to create unique workwear clothing, going against the rules of fast fashion. We create garments that’ll be with you on every step of your journey, garments that are built to stand the test of time. The best from the past to create powerful ideas for the here and now. Taking our inspiration from clothes made for workwear, we insist on using the finest quality fabrics and craftsmanship from around the world to deliver clothes for the modern-day Pioneer. We’re proud to support innovation and the valuable skills of artisan makers, where hard-won expertise are passed on from one generation to the next. That’s why we take such care over the design and manufacture of our clothing, using only the finest natural materials combined with the greatest craftsmanship. We’ll continue to grow our collections and our influence on the world without losing our way, even if we can’t always see the next step before we take it. Taking risks is in our DNA.


Made in UK


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