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The Pursuit of Perfection

Obsessed with details, unwavering in quality

In the beginning, &SONS was a passion project that came from the mind of Phil James. As an advertising photographer of 30 years, he was a knowledgeable creative who saw huge gaps in the market when it came to functional clothing that looked great.   

Phil was obsessed with details and wanted quality crafted garments that would be suitable in the boardroom and beyond... it was time for a change.  

And that’s where we were born!

The Process  

Each garment starts with an idea. We’re hugely inspired by the 50s and style icons throughout history like James Dean and Steve McQueen. Phil sketches each design and everything is tested and reviewed thoroughly before being crafted.   

We select the best quality fabrics and produce hard-wearing yet comfortable pieces that will last a lifetime. We stand apart from others by creating garments that will stay with you throughout your adventures and can always be relied upon. Our clothes are timeless in design and will only look better with age. Our clothes are built to last.   

The Team  

It’s not only Phil who has the vision.   

We are a small but mighty team of creatives who work hard to bring our clothes to life. Whether it’s the stunning imagery, the beautiful emails that get dropped into your inbox or the parcels that arrive at your door wrapped with care, we all want to contribute to the brand that’s like no other. We won’t settle for anything less than perfect.   

We also know how important it is to connect with our community. Our ‘Pioneers’ are our brand; they tell our story and become ambassadors for our vision. We wanted to remain a personable brand and create a true community of fans that share our love for quality craftsmanship.   

We strive to tell the stories of others, celebrate individuality and champion creativity to inspire the next generation.  

Who We Are  

We are a brand for guys, and we’re proud of this. Men are underrepresented and often forgotten by many high street brands. Our clothes are for the guys who don’t wish to follow the trends or settle for boring, dull garments. Our clothes are strong and rugged, and they’ll make you feel great.   

Clothing is about who we are and how we want to portray ourselves to the world. Dressing in high-quality, tailored clothing can help make you feel more confident and powerful so you can face the challenges of life head-on. As a proud partner of Movember, we’re huge advocates of speaking out about mental health, and in our community, there is a place for everyone.  

&SONS creates vintage-inspired clothing for the modern-day Pioneer. We make clothes that matter for people who are willing to try something new, break new ground, and set out on new paths.   

Whatever your lifestyle looks like... you deserve to look effortlessly stylish while living it.  

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