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The Best Denim Jeans for Men: Long-wearing Style

Denim jeans are a wardrobe staple. Classic and dependable, approximately 50% of the world's population is wearing denim at any time! Choosing the right pair is not a decision we recommend taking lightly.  You want your jeans to fit well and make you feel great! With a range of denim and colours to select from it gives you a lot of choices.  

This is the &SONS guide to the best jeans with all the details about the cut, and care instructions so you can make the right choice for you and your lifestyle.  


Note: All of our jeans are fitted to a 32inch inseam with a turn-up. This means that if you have a longer inseam length (34 inch) or shorter (30 inch) our jeans should fit you as the turn-up can be adjusted to fit. 

Selvedge Denim 

Many of our jeans are made of selvedge denim, but what does it mean?

Selvedge means ‘self-edge’ which refers to the edge of the fabric. Selvedge denim is woven on a traditional narrower loom, as a result, the self-edge pattern is woven into the edge of the fabric which stops it from unravelling. Selvedge denim is more expensive as it is woven on older looms which have slower output. 

The New Frontier

33.5” / 32” leg with a single turn up  

Tailored, regular-straight fit 

14oz Selvedge Anti-Bac Raw Denim  

Our New Frontier Jeans are built to last. Over time these jeans just get better and better, bringing out all the fine qualities of traditional denim. The Nova blue colour of this fabric gives it a dark, saturated pure indigo cast resulting in a really strong contrast once worn in.  

With a unique anti-bacterial finish, this 100% cotton denim will provide resistance from spreading nasty microbes such as bacteria by killing or inhibiting their growth. For you, this means your jeans will last longer and smell fresher in between washes. 

Pair with our Handmade Leather braces for true Heritage style along with our Raw Elder Henley and Hudson Handmade Boots. These jeans are slightly undersized but will loosen up to their true size once worn. This is the nature of Raw Denim. 


33.5” leg with a single turn up 

Wide, straight cut, sits on the waist  

13.5oz Indigo Selvedge Denim

The Cutter Jean is one of our most sustainable selvedge denim styles yet. The fabric is organic cotton which has less impact than regular cotton as less water and pesticides are used in the production of the cotton. With a 1950s-inspired, heritage fit, this indigo jean features a unique bootstrap adjuster on the leg opening and our &SONS signature chore pocket. Due to the light washing process, this jean has a low environmental impact making them a good choice for your next wardrobe investment. 

Pair with any of our Club shirts and some canvas trainers for a retro look.

'68 Jean

33" / 32" with a single turn up

Slim leg, 1950s cut  

10oz Selvedge Denim  

Our '68 Jeans were inspired by our own Virgil Chinos. Based on the classic 1950s style trouser that balances the smarter chino with a workwear aesthetic, our chinos have been hugely popular.

Made from 74% cotton and 26% recycled cotton, this 10oz jean is lightweight selvedge denim. Complete with welt pockets, a shield-shaped leather
patch on the back and selvedge trim details on the pockets this is a unique pair of jeans to add to your collection.  


We recommend styling your '68 jeans with our baseline low-tops, white socks and a crisp white T.  


33.5” leg allowing for a deep turn up  

Midrise fit, with a straight leg 

14oz Solid Black Selvedge ISKO Denim

Inspired by the effortlessly cool rockabilly era, We’ve created these jeans with a mid-risefit and a straight leg, with the addition of our signature chore pocket, and bike strap finished with subtle hardware and &SONS branding. Our black dye will stay richer for longer and provide contrasting denim for your outfit and you will notice minimal fading over time, no matter how hard you wear them. Once again, we have partnered with ISKO to ensure our Rockers are the most sustainable, eco-friendly jeans we have produced to date, using recycled cotton and recycled polyester yarn in the fabric. Everything from the fabric source, washing techniques and the product has been scrutinised and redeveloped to create something truly pioneering.


33” / 32” with turn up 

Tighter fit that tapers at the ankle 

12oz Raw ISKO Denim

The Brandon is a slim leg, with a slight taper and worn on the hips. we have worked with ISKO denim, one of the world's leading brands in sustainability, to produce a lighter-weight 12oz raw denim. We have also added a 1% stretch to the weave to add movement and flexibility. We have pared back some of the details to give the jean a classic 5 pocket style with subtle features including a contrast overlock stitch and an &SONS suede back patch with branded ident. The denim will gently fade creating subtle shades in heavily worn areas. 

Add a simple white T and plimsolls with a few turn-ups and you have a summer look that never fails. If you want to keep it classic, introduce your favourite vintage leather jacket and work boots. 

Caring for Your Jeans 101

However, you choose to style or accessorise your jeans, this everyday staple comes with a hefty impact on both people and the planet. It takes a significant amount of water and energy over its lifecycle and with an estimated 6 billion new pairs of jeans produced each year – that very quickly adds up. After investing in your denim, it’s important to know how to care for it.  

Following our steps will help denim fit better, look better and last longer, AND it’s better for the environment. It's a no brainer. 

Keeping them Clean 

We recommend you don’t wash your denim unless you have to... and we'd wait for at least 6 months before washing your jeans for the first time. Denim ages better when it is washed less and you can save up to 2,000 litres of water per year by washing once a month as opposed to once a week.  

Wash your denim in cold water only on a short and gentle cycle. It should also be noted that jeans could shrink by 5% on the first wash. Due to this, the denim should only ever be washed inside out in cold water and never machine dried. 

We recommend spot cleaning in between washes if your jeans don’t need a full wash. However, if your denim is raw finish or has no finish then this should be avoided, as spot cleaning with even mild detergents can remove the dye completely to create white spots. 

To freshen your jeans without washing them, loosely fold them and put them in the freezer. This will kill any odour-producing bacteria germs and keep them fresh until you decide to wash them again. 


Important Note: 

Indigo dye, by its nature is not very colour-fast. This is what helps to create the fades on your jeans after wear! We advise avoiding contact with lighter coloured clothes and upholstery when wearing raw denim as the colour can transfer. Should the colour transfer onto your lighter-coloured clothing it should wash out with your usual detergent. 

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