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Short Sleeve Staples

Here comes the sun...

Every grey day is one day closer to the summer sun and whether you’re patiently waiting for a UK heatwave or have fast-tracked the heat by booking a holiday abroad, now is the time to prepare your wardrobe...  

The Henley’s 

Our range of Elder Henley's are a super soft, versatile addition to our layered Spring looks. These shirts feature an overlock top stitch that secures the bottom shirt trim, scooped hem, colour-matched branded buttons, and a cotton placket. Originally favoured by rowers this classic British piece is a key piece to any wardrobe. Layer over long sleeves or pair with an over-shirt. 

The Breton 

The wardrobe staple that can provide an instant hit of summer to any outfit and still keep you warm during the cooler evenings, our reimagined Breton pays homage to the naval nuances with a few trademark additions. Made from 100% Organic cotton, the iconic 21 stripes run horizontally with a more intense band around the chest to create a flattering silhouette. 

The Racing T 

Our classic fit, Navy Racing 2 T-Shirt is finished with an organic cotton twill patch. The T-Shirt is the perfect summer garment and can be worn with our Virgil Chinos, Blue Rebel Harrington for that classic look. 

&SONS Racing 2 T-Shirt Navy



Boxer Pocket  

Our boxer pocket t-shirt is a crisp clean cut with subtle attention to detail. T-shirts started becoming more of an all-day everyday piece of clothing in the 1940s and 1950s, especially after being worn in posters by military personnel and being seen on icons of the time like Marlon Brando and James Dean. Pair with our denim for an effortless retro style. 

The Porsche Pioneer - Frank...

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