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From Frustration to Functional Style

In 2016, our Founder, Phil James, embarked on a journey that led to the creation of &SONS. Frustrated by the lack of high-quality, stylish, and functional clothing available in the market, Phil took matters into his own hands. 


The first &SONS Kickstarter campaign emerged as a platform to bring to life his vision for a range of unique workwear clothing tailored for craftspeople, artisan makers, and creative pioneers. 

Crafting the Perfect Wardrobe 

&SONS is a reflection of Phil's commitment to delivering functional, hardwearing, and stylish clothes that cater to the specific needs he once found unmet in the style landscape. 

Our collections encompass a variety of meticulously crafted garments, each designed with a keen focus on functionality, durability, and timeless style. Garments like the classic Henley is just one example of our commitment to providing layering staples essential for both work and leisure. And for those colder days, our cardigans, crafted in the UK, provide warmth without compromising on style. Every piece is designed with thought and care for the customer and offers a solution to the problems Phil faced in his search for the perfect wardrobe... 

Buying Turned into a Chore 

Phil's initial struggle resonates with many who spend hours scouring the web for high-quality items with the right aesthetic. &SONS was born out of the desire to eliminate this tedious process by offering a curated collection in one place. From ‘cap to boot’ we have something for every layer. 

Lack of Focus 

Phil noticed that there was a widespread dilution of brand identities in the fast fashion industry, as brands attempted to cater to a broad spectrum of consumers and styles. We pride ourselves on maintaining a distinct and cohesive identity, ensuring that every garment aligns with our commitment to quality and style. 

Unmet Workwear Requirements 

Understanding the need for versatile workwear, &SONS emphasises the creation of interchangeable garments suitable for both the demands of the day job and the social scenes that follow. Our layered workwear style ensures functionality without compromising on aesthetics. 

Style Preferences 

Phil's penchant for the 50s look and timeless style, coupled with a love for classic vintage with a modern twist, defines the essence of &SONS. We continue to channel these influences into our designs, offering a unique and sophisticated take on workwear. 

&SONS is a solution to the challenges faced by those who seek quality, style, and functionality in their wardrobes. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a keen understanding of our customers' needs, we invite you to explore our collection and make &SONS a part of your distinctive style journey. 

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