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ADVENTURE JOURNAL: An epic experience through the Scottish Highlands

The Adventure Journal is a new editorial segment from &SONS that encapsulates our ethos and the pioneering spirit of our customers. As we all look ahead and plan our adventures, we wanted to share stories of our Pioneers and their expeditions and give you a glimpse of the awesome world we live in.   


For our first edition, we commissioned Skyrise Productions to test our clothes in the Highlands of Scotland. Its diverse landscapes possess dramatic mountains, deep forests, and moorlands, making it the perfect location. This is their adventure…  

"During the trip, we had to deal with some very adverse winter conditions, from wind and snow to heavy rain and hailstones. It certainly made for a very adventurous shoot. Even driving the short distance from the Hidden Valley shoot to the Clachaig Inn, we were hit with an incredible hail storm and high winds and got soaked just running across the pub car park. That is Scotland in February, for you!"

Kev Merrey, Director of Skyrise Productions

Peaton Hill, Ardpeaton

56.0336046, -4.8486658  

Miles travelled: 450  


There are a few reasons we chose this first location. One because we had an 8-hour drive from North London and we chose a place to stay on the first night to break the journey up. The Loch Lomond area is often the first port of call for people travelling up from the South. Because of this, it tends to get a fair number of tourists visiting the various viewpoints and B&Bs along the shores of Loch Lomond. So, we decided to find somewhere a bit quieter and stopped at the lesser-known Gare Loch.   

Another reason is we wanted to have some shots with snowy mountains in the background but from a lower down point. The landscape around the area we did the first photo shoot offered exactly the right backdrop. It also included woodlands as well as the open, rugged countryside. 

The Hidden Valley, Glen Coe.

56.6590630, -4.9873832  

Miles travelled; 501   


For the next location and the full shoot including video, we wanted a landscape with a mixture of elements. The Hidden Valley is a very rugged and awe-inspiring location. A steep-sided canyon between two of the ominous Three Sisters Munro’s leads up a series of waterfalls and boulder fields, made from the titanic forces of a glacier after that left its mark on the land tens of thousands of years ago.   


The backdrop, looking very wild and wintery seemed a perfect location to wear warm jackets, beanies and boots etc. I definitely felt protected against the elements wearing the clothes. 

Clachaig Inn, Glen Coe.

56.6644333, -5.0567370  

Miles travelled; 502  


The last location was a perfect fit with the Hidden Valley shoot. The Clachaig Inn sits just down the road on the opposite side of the valley to the Three Sisters. It’s famed for being a cosy, ‘oldy worldy’ pub where many a hill walker and explorer ended up after a long day in the mountains. 


With its roaring fires, large choice of single malt whiskies, and often frequented by local folk musicians it was the perfect backdrop to capture me having a whisky after the shoot in the Hidden Valley. 

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