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7 Pieces That Every Man Should Own

We’re not fans of fashion trends, the changing seasons bring them all too quickly and the second you blink, they’re gone again. Style, however, is entirely different. Style is something that can be honed and perfected, ageing with your personal tastes and creating something that’s unique to yourself. 


Slow fashion, quality choices and beautifully crafted garments create a reliable wardrobe that will look fresh and work all year round. We’ve put together a list of the key pieces you need to develop a solid foundation for your wardrobe. Whether you’re headed to the office, the bar, or your best friend’s wedding, these wardrobe staples will be there to help you create effortlessly stylish outfits every day. 

A Good Pair of Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans are a staple to any man’s wardrobe. Versatile and hardwearing they can be worn for any occasion and, if you get quality denim, will fade and look better the more you wear them. The colour is your choice but a classic indigo blue or black is simple and will pair with everything. There’s a reason that jeans are a solid go-to base for everyday outfits. 

Classic Chinos

Chinos are a handy alternative to jeans and smart trousers. They’re easy to style and, for a more refined option, they don’t lack comfort. 

A lightweight chino can be chosen in a range of colours, we recommend sticking to neutral or natural tones as that gives you a greater chance to pair it with other things. Fitted, slim chinos achieve the best silhouette, paired with a linen shirt for a more upscale event or with a simple T-shirt and overshirt for the summer lazy days, you can’t go wrong with a chino. 

A Dependable Base Layer

A solid foundation for your wardrobe starts with a solid foundation of base layers. You want to choose pieces that can double or triple their duties to get the most out of each piece.

Our Raw Henley, for example, is the perfect “business casual” T-shirt as the details make it dressier than a normal T-shirt, however, thrown on underneath a shirt or jacket and it’s the ultimate casual style, perfect for the weekends. You should have a range of base layers to suit every occasion, we recommend a vest, a Henley and a classic, well-fitted T-shirt. 

An Overshirt

An overshirt is essential, but the choices of style are endless! Choose a bold colour to show off your personality or select a traditional pattern like plaid. Both have the ability to blend in and can work for any occasion due to the nature of the style.

Relaxed and casual, the overshirt can conveniently fill the gap between stuffy shirts and heavier jackets. They’re premium-looking alternatives to hoodies and sweatshirts and can flatter the masculine shape by accentuating the shoulders. 

A Warm Jumper

A jumper seems like an obvious choice but it’s the one you choose that will make or break your wardrobe. If you live in the UK, or anywhere with a rough climate, you’ll be in a warm layer for most of the year so it’s an important choice to make. High-quality jumpers should be made with high-quality wool, a natural and hardwearing fabric. If you like wearing waistcoats or layers, you might choose a thick knit cardigan to help frame your clothes underneath. If you wear a lot of shirts or want something more relaxed then a V-neck Sweater might be a better choice.

Our favourite is a traditional thick, navy jumper inspired by the Cornish fisherman. The asymmetrical neckline can be worn down creating a beautifully timeless silhouette and the button details down the left shoulder make it a unique and striking piece. 

A Jacket

A chore jacket is one of the first coats that were specifically designed for work, making it the great choice for any wardrobe. The style is light, fitted and easy to wear. Adaptable for almost any occasion, gentlemen from all walks of life are rocking these coats.

From photographers to business owners, it’s the perfect work jacket, capable of elevating your style. A chore jacket will pair with everything we recommend in this list and with several styles to choose from you’ll never have to wonder what to wear again. 

Quality Accessories

These finishing touches to a wardrobe can bring an outfit to life, serving as functional additions to a layered look and adding a new aesthetic to your outfit. Quality leathers and thoughtfully styled accessories take a normal outfit from good to great.

Our leather pieces are handmade by independent artisan makers using locally sourced hides and vintage hardware, made to age with you and add that hint of character to your style.

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