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5 Essential Pieces For a Man's Summer Wardrobe

The summer season can be the most difficult to dress for our pioneers. Juggling work, social events and the hot weather can spark some debate about what’s acceptable. Can you wear shorts to work? How about flip-flops to anywhere other than the beach?  

You want to remain cool and comfortable, whilst still dressing appropriately and stylish. To help you on your mission we’ve put together our hot-weather basics, including cooling fabrics and styles that will work in any occasion! 

Cotton shirt  

Cotton is a great fabric in the heat. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cool. We have a wide selection of cotton and cotton-blend shirts to keep you comfortable and smart. Our Club shirts can be dressed up or down, and perfect for the boardroom and beyond! 

Polo top 

A must-have in any pioneer’s wardrobe. It is a practical, relaxed and elegant garment that guarantees the maximum freshness, even on the hottest days. Some people think that the polo shirt is the preferred choice for weekend wear. However, it is also ideal for work environments and other occasions when a more sophisticated style is required. Whether for heading out for a walk, going to the beach when the sun goes down or in our evening gatherings with friends or family. 


Because of their airy fabric, chinos are the ideal bottoms for hot days. Thanks to their breathability, they have a pleasant cooling effect on the skin. Their lightweight fabric also ensures a welcome comfort and increased freedom of movement. At the same time, chinos are extremely durable and can be combined both elegantly and casually. We have created our own Chino shorts too for when the summer really gets going!  

When it comes to summer styling, they can either be combined with simple basics or with edgy statement pieces. For a more minimalist style, you can wear chinos with a white t-shirt paired with white sneakers – a look that is simple and classic.  

Throw on Shirt 

Our Sunday Shirts are the ideal layering piece to throw on when the day gets a little breezy. We have a wide selection of colours so pick your favourite and style them however you like!  

It can be worn as a single layer or as an over-shirt pairing with base layers like our Henley Shirts or Essentials Vest. If wearing as an over-shirt we would recommend to go a size bigger. The fit is shaped and features a ‘rounded off’ outline on the front and back, so it looks great either tucked in or worn out like a work shirt.   


Accessories shouldn't be overlooked in the summer! This is where you can add some personal touches to your style. Mix and match sunglasses and jewellery and don’t pass on a bandana either, between allergies and sweat a hot summer's day can get messy. 

A bandana is both stylish and practical, and if you're the chivalrous type, you can carry two: one for you and a second to offer your date.  

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