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4 Signature Pieces You Should Add to Your Wardrobe in 2022

Welcome to the &SONS brand

When clothing is made with durable materials and reliable manufacturing processes, it's more likely to stand the test of time without compromising its integrity. Our high-quality garments don't need to be replaced as often as their low-quality counterparts, saving you time and money in years to come.

As we look ahead to lighter evenings and warmer weather, we are reminded that Winter is still upon us, so it’s time to invest in some signature pieces that will see you through the seaons.


The Chore Jacket

Few jackets are as tough, versatile and useful as the traditional French worker jacket. This faithful Chore ticks every workwear box and has done since the 19th Century when used by French artisans and US railroad workers to provide comfort, protection and functionality.

Unlike the stiff hard cut French work jackets of the 1800’s - The BLUE BOLT is a much softer, tactile cloth that is comfortable to wear, with freedom of movement while being hard-wearing enough for work.

We’ve retained the traditional box-cut, shorter arms and signature four pocket detailing but with a cotton twill blend, which gives the jacket a softer, less restrictive feel.

The Sunday Shirt

We wanted to create a shirt that could be worn for any occasion, including your 'Sunday Best'. We guys need garments that can be styled up for a night out but also paired right back for a lazy Sunday morning around the house. The Sunday shirt ticks every box.

This shirt features a traditional shirt collar, pearl button fasteners, elbow patches and button-down chest pockets. Another feature is the additional 'side weld' using extra fabric for comfort.

It can be worn as a single layer or as an over-shirt pairing with base layers like our Henley Shirts. If wearing as an over-shirt we would recommend to go a size bigger. The fit is shaped and features a ‘rounded off’ outline on the front and back, so it looks great either tucked in or worn out like a work shirt.

Ryder Jacket

Our Pioneers wanted a high quality fabric, with some movement and stretch and a slightly longer cut than your traditional denim jacket.

By intruding pockets to the main body of the jacket, we were able to lengthen the cut so it is more like a Chore. The lengthened cut creates a more stylish silhouette and can be worn like a shirt, or as a top layer for warmer months. We’ve carried the pencil pocket, triple stitching and double buttons cuffs across from the canvas RYDER and introduced a yellow stitching and nickel buttons to contrast with the indigo.

Like all great denim products, this is the start of the RYDER’s journey. The more time you give this piece, the better it will look. The patina will set in around the heavily worn areas and fades will become apparent on the elbows creating amazing ‘honeycomb’ effects.

Virgil Chino

The classic chino reborn in true &SONS style. We have designed a new style of chino, influenced by a classic 1950s style trouser, balancing the smarter chino with a workwear aesthetic, using a medium weight cotton twill and adding brass hardware, practical details and a button tab turn up. The build and finish feels more like a carpenter’s trouser, with angled pockets, pocket loop and a heavier cotton than traditional chinos.

This gives them a tough, workwear finish but with the cut and style of the iconic design. We’ve introduced a coin pocket on all of our colour ways, this smaller pocket, usually found on the inside of the front pocket, were introduced back in the 1800s to hold watches.

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Pioneers: Iliya & Nikita Bridan