Our blue jeans and overalls are cut from traditional selvedge denim in two practical weights: welterweight Walker denim at 11.5oz and middleweight 13oz Cutter denim.

These jeans are built to last and designed to age with grace and style. Whether you select the rugged Cutter denim or the smoother Walker denim you’ll be getting an authentic pair of jeans that just get better every year and with every wash.


We also add some practical features to our tough and hardwearing clothing. For example, our jeans have an additional inner pocket for security, a handy phone pocket just above the right-hand back pocket and a denim strap with & SONS copper button on the lower-right leg that functions as a cycle strap.


The first 100 pairs of jeans from & SONS stable will be numbered and authenticated accordingly. Hurry to catch a limited edition pair of Cutter or Walker selvedge denim jeans.

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