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Style Guide: How to dress like Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen; The iconic American movie star and bonafide bad boy from the streets. He was a classically styled gentleman with a penchant for casual attire and rarely went with the trends, choosing almost always, the classic pieces. 

Rugged and self-assured, McQueen was a lovable rogue who's laidback style still endure to this day with his timeless, casual wardrobe. McQueen had the ability to make everything he did look effortlessly cool with the detached and careless charm that appeals to so many – and which many men are still keen to emulate. From the watch on his wrist to the motorbike he drove, McQueen had a nonchalant coolness that is hard to replicate. For us, McQueen is a true Pioneer.  

Whilst his effortlessly cool mannerisms might be harder to achieve, our McQueen style guide will prove that his timeless wardrobe can easily be yours...


The Classic Jean 

McQueen was rarely seen without a pair of jeans. He often changed up the tones and finish of the denim to create different looks. From classic blue to bright white your McQueen wardrobe should hold a collection of good quality denim.


Show Your Soft Side

Known for his stoic, tough guy characters, McQueen never shied away from a soft knit. His dark green cardigan was his comfort show showstopper and his crew neck jumpers were a huge inspiration to our designs. These pieces are key to add to your collection and are the perfect balance of cool, classic and comfortable.

Pair with our tan chinos and your colour choice of the Henley shirt for a relaxed but masculine look.

Signature Sweats

The style of Virgil Hilts (Steve McQueen)is effortless in the Great Escape film. The combination of the worn-in tan chinos and washed out blue sweat with cut sleeves is such an iconic style for this era. We wanted to emulate this style with our own interpretation of the sweatshirt. We started trialling processes and vintage wash techniquesto achieve that ‘ worn-in’ patina on a faded blue cotton. We cut the sleeves at the elbow before any of the treatments started so the raw edges fluffed up nicely and helped make it feel more vintage and homemade. We finished with a bespoke military logo that has been hand screen printed before washing so the paint became more authentically distressed.

Simple Footwear 

A good collection of footwear should be functional, fashionable and incredibly hardwearing. McQueen was a huge fan of the classic white canvas sneakers and when he needed something more hardcore and tough would opt for his signature boots. People can overlook the importance of good footwear, but choosing clean, easy to style classics is an easy way to look effortless and add that McQueen flair to your wardrobe. 

"I need to have reason why I'm doing something, otherwise I'm lost."

- Steve McQueen

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Favoured by Hollywood in the 50s and 60s, the knitted Polo was a more sophisticated look than the cotton version and worn by the A-listers of that golden era of cinema.

We have echoed this retro style with our Alberto Polo, in the cut and length of our collar, the three buttons and placket and the subtle embroidery detail.

Paired with our Tan Chinos, the silhouette is truly classic and timeless.

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A solid denim look is bold but flattering. Our new Denim Sunday Shirt is a super soft, versatile and vintage washed addition to our layered look and constructed from 7oz stonewash indigo denim. This first edition is made from a soft hemp fabric and cotton mix. A staple lightweight shirt that’s sustainable to produce and perfect for those summer socials.

Paired with our Denim Brandon Jeans it's the double denim look you didn't know you needed.

The History of Denim

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