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&SONS Shorts For Every Occassion

Shorts, the versatile wardrobe essential that effortlessly bridges the gap between style and comfort, have become a go-to staple for men across all seasons. While often associated with summer and warmer weather, the charm of shorts lies in their ability to adapt to various occasions and style preferences throughout the year. From laid-back casual outings to semi-formal gatherings, shorts have carved their place as a fashion statement that complements any ensemble.

In this guide, we explore the enduring appeal of shorts and delve into the four essential styles that every guy should have in his wardrobe. Embracing a timeless blend of functionality, versatility, and timeless aesthetics, these shorts will serve as your style companions year-round, effortlessly elevating your look no matter the season.

The Adventurer

Our Surplus Range captures the essence of the perfect military-inspired workwear. Style meets functionality with these two styles. Designed for modern-day explorers and thrill-seekers, these shorts are your ideal companions for any escapade, be it venturing out into the wild or embarking on an exciting urban adventure. They both offer a range of functional features to enhance your outdoor experiences, with multiple spacious pockets strategically placed, you can keep your essentials within easy reach. Stash your compass, multitool, and snacks in these handy pockets, so you're always prepared for whatever the adventure throws your way.

The Beach Dweller

Embrace the beach lifestyle and bask in the sun with our versatile and eco-conscious swim shorts collection. Whether you're planning a tropical getaway, lounging by the poolside, or diving into the ocean's waves, we have the perfect shorts to complement your seaside adventures. Choose from our Newman shorts, available in three vibrant colours, or opt for the environmentally conscious Bodhi shorts, crafted from recycled ocean plastic – both designed to provide you with style, comfort, and functionality during your beach escapades. They all are crafted from quick-drying materials meaning they can also be paired with a casual, graphic tee or for a more refined beach club look, a sophisticated Club shirt. The combination of crisp, clean lines and the laid-back beach vibe creates an ensemble that effortlessly transitions from day to night. Making these shorts versatile and stylish. 



Virgil Chino Shorts are your everyday essentials for the season's hottest days. These shorts are a must-have for every man, with three distinct colours to choose from, you'll find the perfect pair to suit your unique personality and fashion preferences. Whether you're savouring lazy summer days at the beach, attending glamorous events, or simply enjoying quality time with friends and family, "The VIP" Virgil Chino Shorts prove to be your ultimate summer companions. Their timeless style, versatility, and comfort make them a wardrobe staple that effortlessly adapts to any occasion, allowing you to embrace the spirit of summer with confidence and flair. Pair the Virgil Chino Shorts with a graphic tee or a Club Shirt, unbuttoned just enough to exude a relaxed vibe or elevate the shorts to a more formal level, and pair them with one of our signature Sunday Shirts. 

The Weekend Workout

Our Track & Field shorts are the perfect blend of comfort and style. These shorts are not only the ultimate companions for your leisurely afternoon or workout session, but they also pay homage to the timeless style icon, Steve McQueen, who epitomised “effortless cool”. Made from a 100% organic cotton loopback fleece with a heavy vintage fade, the organic cotton used in this design uses less water than the average cotton yarn production and is farmed using no synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. Each pair of shorts are also stonewashed to give them a muted appearance, making every pair unique. For an outfit that perfectly embodies the spirit of leisure, pair the Track & Field shorts with a classic white tee and our baseline low tops sneakers to look stylish and comfortable all day long.

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