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Seasonal Layering with the &SONS Hard.Wear Collection

We've long championed the art of layering. A technique that's as timeless as it is practical. Layering isn't just about keeping warm; it's about crafting a versatile wardrobe that adapts to the seasons. When you're properly layered, you have the freedom to shed a few layers as you transition from outdoor adventures to indoor gatherings, all while maintaining that distinctive &SONS style.


Our Hard.Wear collection is a lineup of rugged yet stylish mid-weight chore jackets and a variety of thicker over-shirts and warm accessories. These pieces are not only ideal for the shifting seasons but also an investment that will see you through every season. So, as we transition into autumn, let us guide you through the mastery of layering with our Hard.Wear collection.

The RYDER Canvas Jacket

Traditionally, the versatile Ranch jacket was worn by cowhands, usually with long sleeves and a shorter cut just past the hip for comfort. As most of us aren’t out in the mid-west, gathering herds of cattle, we thought we’d share some alternative style advice on our much-loved new release…

The rich tan hues of the RYDER pair well with a cooler mix of colours, which makes the new YARD a perfect shirt to wear beneath the jacket. Add a simple white tee beneath for an additional layer and a pop of white to break up the look. Pair with our classic New Frontier denim jeans and sturdy brown boots.

The Boardwalk Peacoat

Our wool Boardwalk Peacoat is the personification of our brand and a true Pioneer favourite. Although its origins are rooted in Dutch, it was, in fact, the British that popularised the famous coat as part of their Naval uniform. The classic silhouette is something that can’t be beaten and will turn heads for all the right reasons. 


From the colour to the immaculate details, this is a coat that will work with so many outfits. The RAW and blue tones of the Henley and waistcoat make a great pairing and help to insulate you further in the colder climates. The Crafter Jacket is the ideal way of adding texture and more warmth to your outfit, finishing with your favourite denim and boots.

The Prospector

This tailored canvas jacket is crafted with reinforced shoulders and traditional details like the back buckle. As a blend of vintage aesthetics with a balance of today’s workwear style, the Prospector is the ultimate autumn outerwear piece.

The brushed gold metal hardware of the prospector pairs well with so many colour tones. To keep warm layer a white boxer T-shirt and a warm Cloud shirt worn open or buttoned up. These layers will keep you snug without compromising on style. Switch up traditional denim with our tan Crew Pants and finish with our boots and a merino beanie.


The Weston Field Jacket

Inspired by an old hunting jacket the Weston is a heavyweight, waxed canvas jacket made to meet the elements. Designed as an adventure jacket to protect against the weather whilst out in town or hiking, the well-thought-out details, like the oversized pockets and thick lining to provide warmth and comfort, make this a great piece for the changing seasons.


Pair with similarly warm tones like our Logger shirt and layer with our luxurious knit Turner cardigan. Add a cap or beanie if needed and you’ll be ready for every kind of weather.

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