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PIONEERS: Meet the legends of vintage 4x4 restoration…

It’s not very often you meet a company that epitomises your own values and ethos by continuing to pioneer methods that combine new technologies with age old craftsmanship. We are huge fans of the International harvester motor company and in particular their Scout model. When we had the chance to chat to the legends of 4x4 restoration, we jumped at the chance. New Legends 4x4 are the masters of modern restoration. And like &SONS, they love to learn from the past to create masterpieces for the modern pioneer. Their machines are a balance of sympathetically restored design classics balanced with technology that you’d find on today’s cars. Sean and the team very kindly gave us their thoughts on what it means to be a Pioneer and what inspires them to do what they do. 

You’ve been selected as a Pioneer for &SONS - What’s your definition of the word Pioneer? 

A pioneer is someone who pushes ahead into the unknown. Someone with the courage to innovate or go where others haven't.  I would add the pioneer also brings others along into their vision and journey! A leader, entrepreneurs, a Scout. 

Tell us your story. How did you begin your career and what led you here?

I've always enjoyed and found fulfilment in working with my hands and fixing things. I fell in love with old vehicles and the way they make you feel when you're driving them. The way they connect you to the past and the present in a rich and analog way. A passion project turned into a life pursuit and business bringing others into it. Building the best old Scouts in the country...focusing on quality, craft, and telling rich stories. 

Navy Lincoln Waistcoat / Vest


In your work, what values do you cherish the most? 

Quality, Craft, collaboration, relationship, heritage, and legacy

What 3 words best describe you? 

Focused, Distracted, Family man

Tell us a bit more about your creative process.

Spend time with other creative doers, take time to think, dream big outloud and process that with your team around you.

How does it begin?
I think doing stuff and bringing others into that experience...begets more dreaming and doing...taking time out of busy life to think and dream and plan

What do you do for inspiration?
Spend time with people doing cool person, in books, in podcasts

Who inspires you?
My God, my wife, My kids, My New Legend team, My friends

What brands inspire you?
Iron and Resin for inspiring people to do cool stuff and doing cool stuff, Freenote Cloth for style and quality, Nemo Equipment for innovation, Icon 4x4 for doing what they do for so long,

What is your wardrobe essential? The piece you couldn’t live without. -
&SONS Carver jacket, &sons elder henley, Freenote Riders waxed canvas jacket, I&R cap, Freenote Avila jeans.

What is your favourite piece from the &SONS Collection?
&SONS Carver jacket&SONS elder henley

What is your favourite album, artist or Spotify playlist?
Strokes - The New Abnormal, Kenny Rogers essentials, Billy Joel - all

Any recommendation on the best podcast to listen to?
New Legend podcast :), Casefile, Overland Journal podcast

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