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Cutter 13.5oz Indigo Selvedge Denim Jeans



Track and Field Short Denim Blue


$95 $55

Club Shirt Crane Pattern


$170 $85

&SONS Surplus Army Shorts Green


$160 $95

&SONS Baseline Basketball High Top

Size:US 8


An icon of footwear


Until the early 70s, skateboarders rolled on wheels made of clay, they were old and limited skaters to minor tricks. In the early 70s, Frank Nasworthy began tinkering with urethane wheels and changed the skateboard world forever. These new wheels allowed skaters to go vertical and defy gravity. Skateboarding blew up. 

Our low-top trainers are inspired by the plimsoles that skateboarders used to wear. With their crew socks pulled high, these trailblazers were part of the sidewalk surfers movement, that changed the course of skateboarding.

Made in Portugal


  • Lining Gabardine Organica
  • Eco rubber sole is certified to contain 70% recycled rubber
  • Textured recycled rubber toe and back
  • Recycled footbed, cork covered
  • Branded elements including sole and tongue
  • Lazer etched cork label with foam
  • Signature &SONS coin pocket
  • Made in Portugal

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